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Enterprise culture
Enterprise values: innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence.
Business purposes: industry serve the country, mission to revitalize national industry; brand, to contribute to the community for the purpose of.
The overall goal: new products, good benefits, contribution is large, beautiful environment, rich employees.
Business philosophy: in good faith to win the market, develop the market by innovation.
Marketing concept: the quality of today is tomorrow's market, enterprise credit is the invisible market, customer satisfaction is the eternal market.
The concept of competition: meet on on a narrow path brave victory, meet wise brave victory.
Management philosophy: site management -- standardization; quality management -- standardization; cost management -- the market; marketing management -- Network
; integrated management -- the
Quality concept: product quality is our responsibility, quality of excellence is our contribution;
There is no quality there is no market, no market without honesty;
Brand marketing, integrated, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development;
Adhere to a center (user), relies on two class (products and services), play the three forces (+ skill + perseverance sincere).
Talent concept: the concept of the concept of selecting only education concept to concept
Only the concept: talent is the most valuable wealth, business opportunities for employees to create wealth for the enterprise to provide staff.
As a concept: do not have to use the most senior person, also do not have to use famous people, and to use the most need, the most practical talents.
Development concept: more for less ideological change; with the heart of tolerance to cherishing talent, nurture talent; not only to the cultivation of "economic man", but also
The cultivation of high level of "moral man".
With only the idea: sincere, practical principle for it; you have much talent, will give you a stage.
Enterprise spirit: truth-seeking, dedication, innovation, development.
Team spirit: unity and hard work; be of one heart and one mind, sincere cooperation, hand in hand.
Responsibility: the responsibility be weightier than Mount Tai, establish integrity responsibility; responsibility is the premise of cooperation between enterprises, the responsibility is the foundation of win-win result.
On the staff of the sense of responsibility: to employees are thinking, anxious employees are anxious, the difficult solution of workers.
The partner of the sense of responsibility: mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, common development.
Awareness of social responsibility: the love of nature, to return.
Environment policy: comply with laws and regulations, saving resources and energy, reduce pollution, continuous improvement.