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Cosmetics bottle size.

2015/4/19      view:
Wide mouth bottle is easy to be polluted, as with digging sticks?
Recently we are talking wide mouth bottle packaging cosmetics look impressive but lack real worth, just to look good, but to save the use of cosmetics without effective components, the truth is what kind of? We start with what is wide mouth bottle began to understand.
What is the jar?
Mainly refers to the mouth opening was particularly large, can be directly used finger in digging, face cream, facial mask in your home and great basin.
Some people say: wide mouth bottle packaging is just "good", will make the effective components of all failure
Because of wide mouth bottle visual effect even more atmosphere, luxurious, so many brands are using this package, to enhance the brand image, more bluntly, is to raise the price. And some effective components especially antioxidants in the air will fail, then your composition has no meaning. The finger when in use, the contact area to the product will cause pollution to the products. It is best not to use your fingers to dig up a bottle of skin care products, in order to avoid bacterial infection into the bottle the unused part, recommend the use of digging sticks or disposable cotton swab.
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