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A chance to cosmetic bottle manufacturers to achieve new development

2015/4/19      view:
Domestic cosmetics "100 birds gazelle" presented as a gift, so that the domestic cosmetics has attracted much attention recently. From the data, foreign cosmetics in domestic growth started to slow down, and some domestic brand of cosmetics is at a rate of 30% growth trend, it is worth looking forward to.
For a long time, because of the domestic cosmetics is weak, the main order of domestic cosmetics bottles rely on foreign cosmetics brands. These international giants are often large scale, in the purchase of cosmetics bottles will have a lot of tough conditions. The most important is for the cosmetics bottle manufacturers profit pressure is very low. After all, in cooperation with the multinational enterprises, mainly concentrated in the hands of their pricing power. We can see that the domestic cosmetics bottle production enterprises may be based on these reasons. After years of development, is not particularly large scale.
Now with the rise of domestic cosmetics cosmetics bottles, for enterprises, changes occur in the cosmetics market, there is a new opportunity for development. A chance worth cosmetic bottle manufacturers to achieve new development.