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Yangzhou Dasheng glass bottles of good quality and reliable:

2015/4/19      view:
Yangzhou Dasheng medicinal glass Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful environment of the land of plenty - Yangzhou Gaoyou, is a by the State Food and Drug Administration certified packaging materials production enterprises, is a member of the Jiangsu provincial food and Drug Administration Pharmaceutical Packaging Association unit, Chinese Daily Glass Association member unit. Our company is specializing in the production of colorless and Brown low borosilicate glass ampoule, low borosilicate glass tube oral liquid bottles, low borosilicate glass injection control of packaging materials manufacturers, I produced the glass bottle of good quality is reliable and stable, Yangzhou is now the largest pharmaceutical glass packaging, the full range of manufacturers. With 1ml ~ 20ml ampoule 9 automatic production lines, the annual production of 600000000 ampoule ampoule, glaze baked word seven production lines, the annual production capacity of up to 300000000; control bottle machine 20, annual production capacity of up to 200000000. The main industry stable sales basis, the company actively explore other glass products, glass production, blood collection tube, glass, kitchen and, in recent years has invested 3000000 yuan, the introduction of production capacity control bottle production line and automatic baking equipment, the production of pharmaceutical grade high boron silicon glass bottle, glass bottle has become my the company is a professional production of OEM products, for the baby products business, now with the domestic each big baby products company to carry out cooperation, at the same time, our company also in the planning of maternal and child supplies series products.
The appearance of defects in glass bottles to the strict control of the bottle in the production process, there are black spots, oil, rust is not allowed, cold spray can spray into the bottle, wear clean gloves etiquette acceptance, the need for two full inspection, and pad on the white paper, is to be used for high temperature disinfection sterilization. Glass bottle production is the need to go through the various processes numerous checks, quality and reliable. Welcome calls to negotiate: