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Yangzhou Dasheng medicinal glass bottle production of Cosmetics Co.

2015/4/19      view:
Our company has been considerable development, in addition to the production of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine, but also the production of fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine, reciprocating plastic extruder, plastic processing auxiliary equipment, plastic mould and so on, is able to provide complete solutions to our customers the blow. My company production of fully automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for PE, PP, PS and PVC as raw materials, all kinds of plastic hollow plastic bottle of 5 ml - 6000. Blowing is mainly suitable for fruit bottles, square bottles, bang bang, jelly ice bottle bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, medicine bottle, all kinds of leisure sports, straw, straw in vitro, Huoxiang Zhengqi water bottles, dropper, soy sauce, vinegar bottles, toys, cosmetics bottle, hollow 84 disinfectant liquid bottles, glass tube, plastic bottles, 502 bottle etc.. The products of our company has five patents, and three patents pending. Products are exported to foreign countries, such as Canada, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Korea, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Tunisia, Australia and other countries, by the praise.
Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to our company to inspect, test machine!
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