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Yangzhou Dasheng said cosmetic bottle shape characteristics:

2015/4/19      view:
Cosmetics bottle is a kind of can make the gas container and outside temperature isolated from bacteria or external container
Now we can see on the market in what kinds of cosmetics, of course, there will be a lot of matched with the bottle. From the material point of view: a glass bottle, plastic bottle, PET bottle......
From the production process: injection molding, blow molding bottle. The bottle...
From the product point of view: washing cream packaging, packaging......
The use of cosmetics bottles are as follows
1, some of the big mouth, can be used for small beads, small buttons, clips, pins and other small things.
2, put some diluted perfume (not too expensive oh), cotton mouth block or do not tighten, slowly release the fragrance of nature, to do with fragrance.
3, day cream bottle type, small type, can be stuffed with cotton type, and covered with a piece of cloth, mouth, lace, a needle.
4, for some, the length of some of the bottles, wash clean (must be very clean water, water plant), a two green class, make a strong decorative desktop small plants.
5, if it is a perfume bottle beautiful, simply arranged in a prominent position, a small lamp, as an ornament.
6, can be made of some toner, placed in small bottles with.
7, export more, can make their own mask when the container.
8, translucent, grinding sand, to put a lucky star.
9, the shape of beautiful, golden, silver coated or sprayed with acrylic paint paint, painting like patterns, used to decorate.
Can also be inserted a small flower, true or false.
More than a few, make into a series, together, have very strong decorative effect.
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