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Characteristics of glass bottle

2015/4/19      view:
1 glass bottles with heat resistant glass, no seams, no card milk scale, easy to clean, resistant to high temperature of 600 degrees, hot blast temperature of 200 degrees, the expansion coefficient is up to 30%.
2 glass bottle highly transparent, lightweight portable.
3 glass bottle bottle glass for neutral, acidic and alkaline substances will not release harmful substances.
Each of the 4 glass bottles come with a controlled flow nipple, newborn baby has started using control flow nipple, nipple top cross hole incision by baby sucking efforts to control the opening, to ensure the flow of milk for your baby, do not need to be replaced as the baby grows the nipple.
5 all nipples are made of food grade liquid silicone made of high temperature resistant, do not contain the carcinogen nitrosamine, non-toxic, tasteless. In accordance with FDA standard American.
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