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What is the high boron silicon glass bottle?

2015/4/19      view:
Yangzhou Dasheng medicinal glass Co., Ltd. is a professional production of colorless and Brown low borosilicate glass ampoule, low borosilicate glass tube oral liquid bottles, low borosilicate glass injection control of packaging materials manufacturers, the company also actively explore other glass products, products are glass bottles, cosmetics bottles, glass printing, glass collection tube and the glass, kitchen and etc..
What is the high boron silicon glass bottle:
High boron silicon glass bottles, slim Gao Touming health easy cleaning and thermal shock resistance moment of thermal quench temperature 540 DEG C; comply with the most stringent European EN14350 safety standards; the highest quality safety glass, bisphenol A, does not contain hormones interfering substances. The bottle with a high borosilicate glass (ISO0719) hydrolysis resistance (HBG) of raw materials refined but become; the bottle cap, bottle cap is made from high-quality PP plastic, resistance to high temperature of 120 DEG C, without any toxic and harmful substances; nipple for food grade liquid silicone (STL), and the high temperature of 160 DEG C high temperature lead-free environmental protection; printing ink, scale and clearly marked.
For neonatal use.