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Why the medicinal glass bottle with low borosilicate glass?

2015/4/19      view:
Yangzhou Dasheng medicinal glass Co., Ltd. is a professional production of colorless and Brown low borosilicate glass ampoule, low borosilicate glass tube oral liquid bottles, low borosilicate glass injection control of packaging materials manufacturers, the company also actively explore other glass products, products are glass bottles, cosmetics bottles, glass printing, glass collection tube and the glass, kitchen and etc..
Why the medicinal glass bottle with low borosilicate glass?
Because of the high boron silicon is brittle, easily broken open with drugs.
The introduction of low borosilicate glass:
The international standard ISO 4802.1 - 1988 "glass, glass containers hydrolytic resistance of the interior surfaces of first parts: determination and classification of" the borosilicate glass by titration method (including the neutral glass) is defined as the oxidation of boron containing three and two (B-2O-3) 5 - 13% (m/ m) of the glass, but the 1997 release of the ISO 12775 "the normal mass production of glass composition classification and test methods" in the definition of borosilicate glass (including neutral glass containing three boron oxide) two (B-2O-3) is greater than 8% (m/ m). According to the 1997 International Standard Classification of glass, widely used Chinese medicinal glass bottle industry for many years of B-2O-3 6% (m/ m) or glass material should not be called the neutral borosilicate glass or glass. Experiments show that the glass particles, water resistance and water resistance of the inner surface of the test material is not up to the grade 1 and grade HC1, or between 1 and 2 of the edge. The practice also proved that, this kind of glass in use there will be some neutral unqualified or off phenomenon, but this kind of glass in China has been in use for many years of production, the new standards have maintained such a material glass and the provisions of the B-2O-3 content should be consistent with the 5 - 8% (m/ m) requirements, clearly defined the glass can be called a borosilicate glass (glass or neutral), and named for its low borosilicate glass.