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Cosmetics bottle should increase the general knowledge

2015/4/19      view:
In summer, in order to prevent sunburn, many women would choose to buy sunscreen. Whether the product can play a role, at least in the psychological or can have some comfort.
For the purchase of sunscreen cosmetics in the cosmetics bottle, we read it on the label? For example, sunscreen, to buy cosmetics in the cosmetics bottle, we could often be seen in SPF10, SPF20, SPF30 and PA++ etc..
Many consumers in order to high-powered sunscreen SPF values higher will feel better, in fact, if not in the field work, don't need very high SPF value.
Some understanding of general knowledge, we are not through the cosmetic bottle on the text interpretation, more from what we know from other news magazines.
Personally think that for a cosmetic use of age, the use of methods and basic common sense, cosmetics manufacturers should be marked in the cosmetic bottle, so that consumers have a better understanding.
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